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    Osas Imade

    Please see the following demo config for the PV1100 for setting and using the Real Time Clock. This may help answer some of you questions.

    PV1100 Real Time Clock Demo

    If this does not work please check the variable RealTimeClock.IsAvailable under the System Manager folder in programming. If this variable is 1 when on the display, the RTC is populated and should be functional.

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    John Kelsey

    I had forgotten about something I had done quite early on. The grey boxes have a visible condition on them that is for the variable 'RealTimeClock .IsAvaialbe'. These don't disappear as they do on the PV780 when you enter this menu so I just took off the visible condition to see the text gauges. Does this suggest there is no RTC available?

    Can anyone tell me if the PV1100 does have a real time clock and if it does whether it would be compatible with all the old programming for a PV780 that I just carried across from an old config.





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