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    As of version 2.9 it doesn't look like the "Create" functionality exists....  am i just missing it?



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    Web Support

    Hi J.W,

    We have updated the text on the page. In 2.9, the create function has been renamed "Firmware".

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    Jared Y

    I see the "Firmware" button, and it has a blue outline if a display is connected, but I can't click on it. How do I load the sample files?

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    Osas Imade

    Jared, if you have a license key you can download configurations to the display. Without a license that feature is locked on the demo version. Do you have a PowerVision license key?

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    Todd Brown

    I would like to get my hands on a license key for a one-off project I'm doing in my backyard. How can I get one just for myself?

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